Outcomes: deep diving into user pain points with customer research, competitor analysis, UI designs, user flows, content creation, creating a consistent brand, and measuring success.
Jargon and self-doubt are BIG barriers to new investors
For our new to-investing customers, we needed to lower the barriers to entry in order to increase the % of customers who made it through our funnel from first hearing about Hatch to investing regularly in the US stock market. We started by deep diving into our customers' pain points by creating empathy maps and understanding their full flow in our product.
Below you can see the original experience and the highlighted area we chose to focus on improving. The improved experience lets our responsible and intrigued mindsets navigate our content their own way. We give them lots of options so they can choose how long they want to explore depending on their knowledge and confidence. This solution suited our planner and progressive mindsets because they bypass this content that they don't want to see.​​​​​​​

The original experience from signing up - buying shares

Our improved experience from browsing stocks - buying shares

Handholding new customers through their first investing experience
The solution was simple, we needed to provide more educational content within our product. We had great content on our customer-facing website, including engaging blog posts, but once a customer was signed up and in the product, they were left to face a wall of investing options, with no help content, or explanations. ​​​​​​​
We started by creating an easier place to start browsing stocks, we called this page Browse Overview. Here we grouped stocks into their investment types. We displayed stocks in customisable lists: recently added, most bought, most sold, biggest gainers, and biggest losers. We showed the data we have on our customers to reveal the most watchlisted stocks on Hatch, this added a nice layer of social proof, to put our new hatchlings at ease.   
Discover Hatch
For those newbies who are complete novices to investing we create the Discover page, to bridge the gap between signing up and browsing stocks. Here we house educational entry information about stocks, how to pick them, our curated themes, upcoming events, multiple links to additional help, and our popular free getting started course. This space was eas to update, so we switched up content seasonally.
Curated stocks into themes for those who just didn't know where to start
For those that lacked the confidence or knowledge to pick their own stock, we created themes to help inform them of the different options they have. These individual theme pages walked our customers through the selection of stocks and why this might be a good trend to help diversify their investment portfolio. These individual theme pages also included social proof of what other users were looking at in Hatch. The themes had a toggle for companies and ETFs which allows customers to weigh up investing in a company Vs an ETF. For the ETF they have the top ten holdings with 1 click. These pages are also great for our SEO.
One of our biggest challenges was creating investing content that was educational, but that could also not be misconstrued as advice. 
Updating our stock instrument (buy stock) pages
The last set in our users' journey was our instrument page (a stock page, for example, Vanguard 500 Index Fund ETF: VOO). To update these we included in-context help and structured the page further so that if needed the content could be understood by newbie investors, but could be scanned by our expert investors who didn't want to see any help content. This was the final push to make investing easier within our product and less scary.
Work completed whilst at Hatch
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