Playful and easy to use
This websites audience is primarily children aged 5 - 12 years old. It was a very conscious decision that the design should be playful and the typeface would be easy to read. We chose the font Montserrat for its' high x-height and large rounded counters for maximum legibility. Wherever possible we paired words with icons.
The simple journey
We didn't want to over complicate the process of gathering data, but there were certain steps we needed teachers and students to complete. Below are the two user flows we created.
The teacher: will create an account and sign up their school for the study. Each day the teacher will log into the site ready for the students to input their data. The teacher will randomly assign avatars to students so their personal information is kept anonymous from other students and Waka Kotahi. 
The students: will click on their assigned avatar. They will answer how they got to school that day. They will submit their answer. Once they have submitted their answer they will receive an randomised reward. 
Work completed whilst at Somar Digital.
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