My role within the UX & UI for the Metlink website
I came into this Metlink project half way through the project timeline. By this time, the research, wireframes (designed and tested), and styles had already been set. It was on me to raise the visual accessibility issues and fix some critical problems, whilst working within the set styles.
My role was to create a cohesive website that had been touched by four different designers with no handovers. Since the project has been live, we have been improving the interface by adding extra features and listening to users feedback. ​​​​​​​
Plan My Journey 
The previous Metlink website relied heavily on timetables. The majority of users of the Metlink site are on their mobile devices, it was important to create a functional journey plan from location a to b. 
Once the user fills out the simple plans my journey interface, they will be taken to a new page. The start and end journey information will sit in the head card, underneath suggested routes will load. This suggested routes options include action and service iconography along with route badges, this enables user to scan the results and make a quickly decision. We also highlighted the timeframes of the journey: leave, arrive, duration, and a real time information (RTI) stamp.
Users can click on their chosen suggested route, they see the journey directions in a list format and they can also view this on a map. 
Another popular way user like to search for their journey is via a known service. This is particularly important for the users that take trains, school buses and ferries. On the individual services screen we can see the RTI, which shows where all the services are on the streets in a card or map format. On the services page users can also see the timetables.​​​​​​​
It was key to make alerts easy to read and find. If there is an alert on a service or route, a pink button will display in the top card, users click on this to see their related alert. Users can also access all alerts by using the bottom navigation button.
Work completed whilst at Somar Digital.
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