Adding empathy 
We achieved empathy by including emotive imagery throughout the campaign website. When we simply show what a monetary donation will be spent on, and how it will help real cancer patients, donations are easily justified to the donators. The refreshed donation process resulted in the highest donations ever raised online for the Cancer Society New Zealand.
Making it easy to donate
Before, the donation process was very long and boring form. Analytics showed us that the number of people visiting the form was vastly lower than the number of actual donations. In today busy world when we ask people to give up their time to donate money, the process should be as easy and pain free as possible. Our solution is short, easy, and even gives them that feel good feeling.
Donate and watch your digital daffodil grow
In response to making a donation, people can see their digital daffodil grow on a New Zealand map. They can dedicate their digital daffodil to someone who is fighting or has lost their fight with cancer. 
An important part of this campaign was the social sharing to facebook and twitter. This enabled people to share their donation to their wider networks. Not only does this make the donor feel good, but it in turn, lead to higher donation rates.
Work completed whilst at Somar Digital.
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