The Homepage
For Cancer Society their homepage was the most important page for their stakeholders. They needed it to match their Strategic Plan and Equity Charter. They were very aware that their previous website featured a lot of senior women, with very little diversity.
During the Project Kickoff workshop we addressed this with CS Stakeholders and our internal team, together with their Personas in mind we created the user stories. ​​​​​​​
We built on our previous work for the Cancer Society on their of the donation flow of Digital Daffodil Day. We kept the approach focused on empathy, ease, and speed. We also future proofed donations by allowing the process to be re-skinned for future campaigns and events.
The Design System
As is the case with most design projects, the Cancer Society had very little brand guidelines especially for the digital space. Like all other UI projects I create a very basic style guide of the most used atoms upfront: logo sizes, colours, typography (H1-H6, tables, universal links, and buttons). Even when time on projects is limited, this process is a lifesaver for me and our clients. This ensures that we start Sprint 1 with signed-off foundations so I can focus on the more detailed aspects of the user stories. 
As this project was 6 sprints long, I updated the design system with our new atoms, molecules and organisms as I went. I also updated general rules and best practices I was working with. This helped me and the project to maintain the visual and functional elements of the website in one place. It includes a sketch library, style guide, pattern library, content suggestions, best practices, templates, and more. In the end the Design System was very helpful for content loader as they can see all blocks available to them and quick choose which block would be the most engaging for the content. 
Work completed whilst at Somar Digital.
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